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Written quotation for all work



For most work we will provide a written fixed price quotation specifying the work we will carry out, this way in most cases there won't be any surprises.

If during the work we find a problem that will substantially increase the cost or you ask me to make changes or additions to the project there may be some  extra cost involved.

Additional costs will be documented for your approval prior to continuation of the work.

At the initial survey and quotation stage we will do my best to avoid surprises later by doing some basic electrical checks and a quick inspection of the circuit we will be working on.


Where the cause of a problem needs to be investigated or maybe the extent of rodent damage to wiring is unknown it's difficult to judge how much time and materials is going to be required to find and fix all the problems.
In these cases we will provide an estimate of materials and time required at an hourly rate. If it becomes apparent that the estimate will be exceeded we will discuss this and the options with you before progressing.
An example might be that a circuit breaker keeps on tripping. I would estimate 1 to 2 hours to find the cause. Then once the cause is found discuss the options to fix it with you and provide a quotation before proceeding.


Call us to get an estimate on your project. We are ready to work with you!

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