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What's the Best Bathroom Ventilation Fan

In this article we are focusing on the advantages of a multi-flow or axial fan over a standard axial fan, it's only one word but multi-flow extractors provide in the region f 5 times the flow rate and are typically quieter.

Multi-flow extractor fans, also known as centrifugal or mixed-flow fans, offer several advantages over standard axial fans in terms of bathroom ventilation and addressing damp problems.

Below are some examples of inline extractor fans from Manrose

Multi-flow Extractor Fan Standard Axial Extractor Fan

Why Choose a Mult-flow Extractor fan

As an electrician installing bathroom extractor fans, where practical I would always recommend a multi-flow extractor, mainly because they just work so much better.

Multi-flow extractor fans are designed to move air more efficiently than axial fans. They use a combination of axial and centrifugal impellers, allowing for higher airflows with lower energy consumption.

The advantages are

Improved Airflow Efficiency:


Multi-flow extractor fans are designed to provide better airflow efficiency compared to standard axial fans. This means faster and more effective removal of moisture and odors from the bathroom. Typically they will move five times more air than a standard axial fan and if duct lengths are more than a couple of meters are more or less essential to get reasonable performance.

Variable Speed Options:


Multi-flow fans are more likely to come with variable speed settings. This allows the homeowner to customize the ventilation based on the specific needs of the bathroom, providing optimal performance without unnecessary energy consumption.

Quiet Operation:


Many multi-flow extractor fans are engineered for quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed bathroom experience. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners who value a calm and serene environment.

Energy Efficiency:


With advancements in motor technology, multi-flow fans are often more energy-efficient than standard axial fans. This can result in energy cost savings over time, aligning with the homeowner's interest in reducing utility expenses.

Smart Control Options:


Some multi-flow extractor fans come with smart control features, allowing homeowners to operate the fan remotely via a smartphone app or integrate it into a home automation system. This modern convenience can be appealing to homeowners who value technology integration.

Reduced Condensation and Mold Prevention:


Improved ventilation from multi-flow fans helps in reducing condensation, which, in turn, minimizes the risk of mold growth. This is particularly crucial for maintaining a healthy and hygienic bathroom environment.

Longer Lifespan:


Multi-flow fans often have a longer lifespan compared to standard axial fans. This means less frequent replacements, saving the homeowner both time and money in the long run.

Stylish and Modern Design:


Most Multi-flow extractors are designed to mount in the loft, with the bathroom grill in the ceiling near or inside the shower area, the grill can incorporate a light if you wish. A multi-flow fan will out perform a wall mounted extractor fan.

Compliance with Building Regulations:


If compliance with building regulations is important, in most cases a multi-flow fan will be the only practical way to achieve the required air-flow.

Professional Installation and Warranty:


Correct installation is important with extractor fans, especially with warm damp air flowing through a cold damp loft space.

Airflow will need to be maintained using the most appropriate ducting with minimal number of bends and maintaining swept rather than sharp bends.

If the duct is uninsulated moisture will form, therefore insulated duct or moisture traps are required.

The best way to ensure a good installation is to use a qualified electrician with good knowledge of ventilation installation work.

T0 discuss ventilation needs call Alan on (01793) 200 153

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