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What Type of Surge Protection Do I need

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Fuse Box Type 2 surge protection device, SPD

We are becoming aware that it's a good idea to have surge protection devices (SPD's) in our electrical installations but are you aware there is different levels of SPD's required in different situations.

Are you aware

If your property has overhead power supply lines anywhere nearby a type 1 SPD is required to provide adequate protection.

If you don't have suitable surge protection installed this may invalidate your home insurance.

An electrician installing new equipment or circuits at your propert in most cases will now be required to istall suitable surge protection.

Types of surge protection

Type 3

Intended for use in installations close to sensitive equipment. Typically these would be in extension leads or on plug adaptors. They supplement protection provided by type 2 or type 1/2 SPD's in the main consumer unit.

Type 2

These are generally installed in consumer units and do a good job of protecting against smaller day to day surges created inside the premises or coming from external sources. The source of the surge can be switching of electrical devices and lightening strikes in most circumstances. They will not protect against a direct lightening strike or strike to nearby electricity lines.

Type 1

These are designed to protect against much larger voltage surges caused by lightening strikes to a building or near by electricity supply lines. For normal domestic properties a direct lightening strike is unlikely, but if you are in a rural location with overhead supply lines or overhead supply lines form part of the supply network within 1Km of the property a strike on these will still cause a surge that will damage and get past a type 2 SPD.

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If you want more information take a look at

Surge Protection web site, Kirsty is very knowledgeable, she has produced some very useful articles and videos.

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