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What to expect during an EV Installation

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Zappi EV Charger with cable entry from rear giving a neat finish
A good installation

What will a good installer do

Things they should commit to doing and deliver

  • Discuss installation options, location of charger etc with you before they start

  • Obviously a good neat installation

  • Supply an electrical installation certificate

  • Notify the electricity supplier that the charger has been installed and provide proof

  • Test with an EV test adaptor to prove everything is working correctly

  • Make sure that the charger is connected to an app on your phone and demonstrate the main features.

  • Most chargers come with at least one current sensor (CT clamp), make sure this is functioning and providing reasonable results. For Zappi chargers with mutiple CT clamps make sure these are configured correctly and if possible prove solar charging etc operates.

How can you help

  • Create an account on the app for your chosen charger

  • Read a bit and watch a couple of videos before the install, then you can gain more from the demonstration and probably remember more.

  • Clear the area around where the charger is going and on the cable run.

  • If you already own a car ideally it should be available to test with the charger once installation is complete, but not essential as the installer will have tested the functionality before hand.

What specifics to check on the installation

These are items that are required but some may skip to save money

  • You don't need to be an expert, ask the installer to show you

    • Where is the surge protection device (SPD),

    • Nearly all chargers require a type A RCD or RCBO

  • Are all the cables neatly connected inside boxes

  • Is the cable run neat, straight and well supported

Interested in having a EV charge point installed ?

 Call Alan on 01793 200 153 to discuss your requirements

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