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  • Alan Beard

Recent Hypervolt EV charge Point Installation

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Over the last year I have installed quite a few Hypervolt Electric Vehicle Charge points from various manufacturers. Hypervolt is one of my favorites, it's great for people who want a stylish charger with good and and simple to use features. Also Hypervolt have exceptionally good customer service.

The install needs to look good from the outside but it also needs to be good on the inside to provide a reliable solution in the years to come.

One example of where quality matters is in making data connections to current sensors. I prefer to make good solid connections inside a water proof box but I have seen many installations where the cables are just twisted together and wrapped roughly in tape. they work on the day of the install but once they have got damp what will happen in a few years time.

The additional work takes a bit more time but it's worth knowing I have done all I can to ensure reliability in the future. Also it may not be that clear but I make sure that spare cores in the data cable are kept intact and available just in case they are needed in the future.

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