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Ohme EV charger popular because of integration with Intelligent Go Octopus Tarif

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

EV Charge Point on Post
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The Octopus Intelligent Go Tarif is the cheapest overnight EV charging tariff on the market at time of writing.

To use the tariff you need either a compatible EV charge point or compatible car and it makes sense to achieve compatibility through the charge point so that you are not tied to specific cars in the future.

Currently Ohme and Zappi chargers are compatible. Zappi chargers have always been popular due to their solar charging compatibility but the Octopus integration as been driving demand for Ohme Charge Points.

The Ohme units are lower cost than the Zappi and high quality, plus they connect to mobile phone networks rather than WiFi, which avoids WiFi connection issues that other units suffer from. The only negative is that currently they don't support solar charging, but they have a CT clamp, which at Newcroft Electrics we always install.

There are two versions

Ohme Home Pro with front screen, tethered with 5m or 8m lead

Ohme Epod with a socket, providing a very small and neat installation

Ohme also benefit from being integrated with many cars, allowing the charge point to find out how much energy is required to charge the battery to the required level and plan charging appropriately. But this does require the car to have a stable connection to the internet, normally via WiFi.

At Newcroft Electrics we are approved installers for Ohme, Zappi and many other makes of EV charge Point.

Contact Newcroft Electrics for your EV Charge Point Installation Requirements in North Wiltshire or any other domestic electrical work

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