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Free Meter Box Repairs

Updated: Jul 12

Get your missing hinge pin or broken lock replaced, or even the entire box replaced.

When Installing EV charge points or carrying out other electrical repair work I often come across damaged meter boxes.

Broken Meter Box, Damaged Meter Box

Damaged or missing hinge

Many Domestic Network Operators (DNO's) provide meter box repairs free of charge. This includes Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) who look after most installations in the area covered by Newcroft Electrics.

This is not the same as the electricity supplier on your electricity bill, hey just supply the electricity and bill you. They do not own and operate the delivery network. The DNO is responsible for everything up to the meter, including the meter box, supply cable and fuse.

If you have one or more of these issues the repair work should be free of charge

  • Broken or missing hinge pin

  • Damaged wooden board inside the cabinet

  • Broken or missing door

  • Require complete new meter box.

  • Door wont shut

  • Water Getting in

Note, quite often they will ask you to supply the parts required for the repair

MBD, MITRAS and others have a good range of parts. If it's just a hinge pin missing it may just be quicker to buy the part and do the repair.

Details on SSEN services outside you house can be found here

For EV Charge Point Installation, Fuse Box replacements and other electrical work contact Newcroft Electrics. 07899797948

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