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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric Vehicle Charging

Environmental concerns and the current high oil prices are driving demand for electric vehicles. If you are driving an EV you need an EV charging solution.

We specialise in high quality home installations and are authorised installers for the following brands:







Simpson & Partners


Newcroft Electrics are authorised installers under the governments Office for Zero Emission Vehicles to install EV charge points in domestic properties.

There are still grants available if you live in a rental property or flats.

Different home charging solutions 


There are three charging solution that could be used in a domestic sittuation.

Trickle chargers or granny chargers work of a normal 3 pin socket. These slow chargers are generally only recommended for occasional emergence use as they could overload the sockets in your house and potentially cause overheating if everything isn't is perfect condition.

Fast chargers are the standard charge points for home use with a 7kW output and able to charge your car in a few hours. They are connected to their own electrical circuit and the internet to provide a reliable and intelligent charging service.


If you arr lucky enough to have a 3 phase supply 22Kw 3 phase chargers similar to the  7 Kw can also be considered.

Different EV connectors

There are two main types of plug: Type 1 and Type 2. Most fully Electric or hybrid vehicles will come with a type 2 connector, some hybrid petrol/electric EV's may come with  a type 1 connector. 

Tethered or un tethered

Most people with a type 2 connector chose to have a tethered charger (with a cable built in). For type one the decision is a difficult balance between convenience and the ease of changing the lead if a new car with a type 2 connector is purchased.


It's really important to think about how your charger will integrate with other systems in the house now and later, especially solar and battery storage. Most companies will just sell and install a charger, we will work with you to design a solution that best fits your current and future needs rather than just provide a cookie cutter solution.

Useful links for further research


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YouTube channel run by EV enthusiasts, which is a great resource for EV owners or those considering purchasing an EV

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General information on energy saving and EV's

Black Hypervolt EV charger Installation


Black Zappi EV charger with socket


EO pro mini 2 EV charger in black


Selection of Rolec EV chargers


Indra EV charger installation on cotswold stone wall


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